Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today I worked until 12 at the pool, came home to shower etc., then started trimming bunny nails.
Oh my goodness; what a hassle! They hate it, to say the least. Struggling and fur flying...
I finally wrapped P up in a towel and poked his back feet out so those are done.
Dica tried the same thing with but only managed to do like 3 claws on one back foot.
They were both very mad at me and thumping feet when I put them down.

(Dica soon forgave me and sucked up nuzzling me. Perseus was fine as soon as he got a raisin - little piggy)

I just got back from Amanda and Jo's. Gosh that kid is cute. I'm taking care of her on Amanda's delivery day so we're all excited about that. Jo is potty training right now so I painted her nails while she was on her toilet. Gross to some, cute to others.

Gotta do dishes, vacuum, and take the garbage out before going to pick Niall up!

Busy busy bee.

xxoo baby bunny kisses (and possible grunts if they are still angry - ha)

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