Sunday, May 17, 2009

May long

On the sundeck at home, it is a hot hot hot day... and I really wish I had a bathing suit to tan in!
Instead, I am donning my strapless green sundress from AE and pushing the skirt up while typing on my laptop. Huzzah.
Mom and I went downtown today, but most things were closed and I didn't like the clothing in the stores that were open. Boo.
Really wanting a bathing suit, but I tried on a monokini at one store and nothing doin'.

Got here yesterday around 2, then after dinner tried on a bunch of Mom's old clothes. Also some of my late grandmothers. Pretty fun and got some silly pictures out of it! (Will post once inside)
Went over to Kurt's house last night (one of my best buddies) to play Apples to Apples with his brothers, my sister, and two of her friends. Very fun card game. Wikipedia it.

Possibly having some old friends over this evening. We shall see. Hoping to possibly shop a wee bit tomorrow once back at home. There is really nothing in this town.

Back to tanning!

Enjoy the long weekend :)

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