Friday, November 6, 2009

Today is Friday. I have no work work today, just house work. Hurray!
I have already dropped Ni off at his work, and put in a load of laundry at the condo. Dica and I have been playing for the last little while, and I gave her a haircut.
She just bit me because I was not paying attention to her for one minute.
Oops, she's off running again, buzzing like a little Bee. Haha, and she's back flopping in front of me for a backrub. Such a sweetie.
The bunnies have both been really good lately. Niall and I did a huge clean up of their room last night (we got a Dust Buster at Walmart last weekend). Awesome.

Today I'm getting a new camera. Hurray! I don't really have enough money to be able to buy it and groceries, but I can't take it anymore. I've wanted it for soooo long.

-- Oooh bratty bunny!!! Dica was just chewing on the printer wire. Naughty girl.

Niall has planned to get off work early today so I'll pick him up at 2. I've got to catch up on my girlie tv while he isn't here, so I'm off to download America's Next Top Model and Grey's Anatomy.

Have a fabulous day, it's the weekend! (It's also POURING rain here, like hardest ever, and there is a super bright rainbow! Go figure)

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