Monday, October 19, 2009

i woke up chipper

Sunday was great. Up early to go work at the Gap for 8-1:15. I was in kids, saw my favourite family and just had a good time :)
Then my friends from the pool Emily and Sarah came to visit me.
I bought Niall SUPERBAD, and he was superstoked (ha).

The two of us made pumpkin pie yesterday, and then lasagne.
We invited a couple of friends over so dinner and board games (Cranium and Monopoly).
I went bankrupt on Monopoly, and Niall and I won Cranium - we can pretty much read each other's minds on that one.

Everyone stayed until 11:30 (I know! On a Sunday night!)

The only bad part was when Boudica was binkying around the living room then ran really fast into my heel. Poor baby hurt her nose and I was so upset. But don't worry, she was AOK like 5 minutes later. Phew. Still got a treat of a bunch of raisins, though.

Twas a good weekend,

and I'm working at the pool 9:30-11, 3-7 today.
I also need to pack for Miami!

Have a great grey day!

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