Monday, October 5, 2009

everyday is saturday night but i can't wait till monday morning

The bunnies just had a lovely breakfast of apples and raisins. I am catching up on my weekend blog viewing, as Niall came home early and so we had some fun this weekend, instead of me spending the days in bed with my laptop.
Yesterday was nice so we tossed the frizbee around, and then took some photos. Very fun. I made a roast chicken dinner and we watched Watchmen (which I fell asleep on the couch to).
We went grocery shopping *so cheap yesterday* and have our meals planned out for the week (as per usual) but this week Amanda and Josie Mae will be joining us on Thursday evening. Yay!

It's a lovely sunny day outside. Enjoy your Mondays!


  1. May be weird, but while I was blog searching and came accross the picture of caramel apples, I decided that I must follow your blog. Love it!!

  2. Not weird, but totally fantastic!!


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