Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, today is Thursday and I am feeling quite well rested.
Woke up 6:40 and went to bed around 10:30 last night.
It felt like Friday yesterday, and swimming lessons dragged out so bloody long.

Hopefully today will be better!
I still have a giant to-do list, but at least I got all the cleaning done.
Need to head to the condo, sort some stuff out there, do some laundry, and water the plants. Yikes, hopefully they are still alive.

Also need to go to Amanda's, pick up some books, pick up a pie, and drop a tv remote off.

I thiiiiink I'm working till 11:30 today (hope hope hope) so I can do that on the way home, and then shower and do the rest until it's back to work at 5.
We're going to Ni's sister's house for dinner tonight. I'm glad we don't have to cook, though I made corn on the cob last night and it was delicious!
I love corn on the cob...

Like all other bloggers (a little late on posting, but right on the bandwagon) I am liking Alexa Chung. Her sense of style is fantastic, and her much seen photo of a certain ring and colour of polish gets me everytime.

PhotobucketI want it all!

I want a new camera. Mine is on it's last legs with a virus and horrible noises everytime I zoom, turn it on, or take a video.
Nikon D40?
Canon EOS Digital Rebel?

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