Monday, August 10, 2009

First August Post

Home again, home again.
At Amanda's babysitting for Jo, she just went down for a nap. We're potty training, and she just got a stickers!


home from the trip and we had a blast! About 1000 new photos (over a period of 8 days) and I will post a select few later.
Am catching up on my blog reading right now, so many posts I have missed.
So many new inspirational photos on here, and on friends facebooks. I'm feeling like I need a change (still). I want my hair to grow but I want a funky cut, or maybe I should just style my hair differently?
I want a tattoo, I want a piercing. But to be honest, I am way too chicken to ever get either. Well, maybe a piercing because that wouldn't be too much upkeep or pain. Ha!

Wishlists are flying around in my mind. I also picked up a new tank, pair of jeans, and cardigan while in the States. All the camp clothes are smokey and dirty, need a good wash. Not working too much this week so should be able to get stuff done. Ni is back to work on the 24th so he has time to do things around the house, as well.

BOUDICA COMES HOME TODAY! She's been at my parents place since 2 Wednesdays ago. We've missed her so much. Can't wait to see her.

Now must go catch up on True Blood. Love that show and Ni enjoys it now as well.

xxoo and baby bunny kisses this afternoon!

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