Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday is wet...

Reading break is over, as well as my midterm from Monday. Phew, not so much of a break as studying, but at least I got to spend most of the day with my baby bunny.
Boudica is so well behaved, and she's getting litterbox trained! Hurrah... soon she will be able to hop around the house at her leisure.

This morning I don't have class until later, so I thought it would be a good chance to catch up on what's going on in le fashion world, and to do some internet window shopping :) I feel like I'm stuck in a fashion rut. Every day I pull on the same pair of jeans (well, I currently have 4 pairs in rotation - they are all dark, either bootcut or skinny, and have either bum pockets or bum flaps... boring! They're all AE as well), throw on a tshirt over my Lulu Lemon tank bra, and grab my Hurley grey peacoat. This coat has NOT been keeping me warm lately, and as I've had it since July of last year, I'm getting a little sick of it. I want some popping colour!
I've been wearing mainly large tshirts from AE (I'm a small) because I love the way they hang, and I need to get in a bit better shape before I decrease the size. I'm in no way too big for my body type, just there's some mama bear winter fat on me still.

Argh, what to do...

American Eagle has some cute dresses in right now. I adore dresses, but as the weather is totally sucky, I have to wait to wear them. I want some more versatile ones, and some that are more girlie. The few that I do have (one Roxy is plaid, the Volcom is printed) are totally just summer hanging out at the beach. I want a dress that I can wear casually with heels and a cute necklace.
Unfortunately, one of these dresses are strapless, which I do not rock.

I've also been wearing my boots from Aldo pretty much straight since October. I feel the need for a shoe change. I got those wedges a few weeks ago and wore them to my sister's basketball game this past weekend, but it is still too cold for bare toes. (I don't have any tights I could wear with them either)

Oh my goodness... have you seen the new Club Monaco monthly must haves? (okay, I admit it's near the end of Feb, but I haven't had internet and when it's running, the time!!) There's a gorgeous gold necklace with a piece of coral on the end (cannot get a picture) --> $50. I have been wanting a "signature" necklace for quite some time now, maybe this is it? Third from the left on the site.

Also, because I'm a redhead now, I am able to wear gold. Never was before, but it's also going to be spring soon (let's hope) and gold to me seems more beachy and alive than silver. Tastes are a changin'!
stackable rings from Banana Republic - cute.

I'm heading over to ETSY now to see what I can find. One of my very good friends, Tianna, is the owner of Tetrik. Buy her stuff!

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