Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wednesday afternoon sun shines through my window

and into my eyes.

even with the blinds closed it's super bright.
which would be magical if i could go and do a photoshoot,
but i think i will be hopping in the shower (again) shortly.
i need to re-do my hair.
the red is fantastic, i just don't know how to style it!


I want, I want, I want.
these words reverberate in my head.

I want my hair to grow.
grow way down,
to my bottom.

so if I wanted,
I could brain it like rapunzel.
or wear it as a top like ariel in the summer…
or even put it up in a big bun like cinderella.
I’m glad I dyed it red.
I think it suits me.

but I still want it to grow.

hair2 hair1
hair5 herhair

I wish I had and wore dresses.
I have a few, but they are never what I want to wear in the morning.
I want floaty light fabrics.
and pastels.
I love pink.

some princess get-ups would make me really happy.

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