Monday, October 18, 2010


We watched IT on Friday... I've had nightmares for three nights now. No more scary movies unless someone sleeps over!

Saturday there was a huge ordeal to get my haircut; long story short we waited 2 hours, had to come back but got to visit a pumpkin patch.
That night Em and I went to Natasha's for a pumpkin carving contest, it was very fun after I got to know some people. Then went to Jovanna's to hang out with her and the Cheetah (her boyfriend).

Sunday - Em and I and Jovanna took Elyse, Nikolas and Faith to the pumpkin patch. Spent two hours there and didn't even bring home a pumpkin. We did corn maze, train ride, and haunted house. It was very fun but definetly time for grown ups after we dropped the kids back at their houses.

-- will post pictures later. --

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